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About CHIREC Public School

CHIREC Public School


A well-known and much sought-after school in Hyderabad, CHIREC started out as a Summer Camp and Children's Recreation Centre in 1989. In the two decades that followed this modest beginning, the school has evolved into a highly esteemed institution that now also offers the International curriculum.

A school's approach to teaching is determined by how it views the process of education. Many a time, academic accomplishments; in terms of marks and grades, are mistaken for quality education. What a school offers in addition to excellent libraries, laboratories and infrastructure determines its success as a school. It is the intangible that is at least as important as, if not more important than the measurable and tangible. At CHIREC, a holistic approach to education is used, because we recognize the fact that the aim of education is to not only get the student ready to become successful in the "real world," but also to enhance the student's repertoire so as to enrich his experiences and make them more fulfilling.

The CHIREC programme focuses on the overall development of the student in diverse spheres, so as to enable the child to develop a well-rounded, multi-faceted personality, enriched by exposure to sports and the arts; in addition to academic development. It facilitates the all round development of the personality by fostering qualities of leadership, developing creative and aesthetic sense, nurturing the spirit of enquiry as well as prompting love and respect for people and the planet. Education here, is viewed as a holistic process.
At CHIREC, a choice of curriculum is offered: CBSE till Class XII, and Cambridge International Programme up to Grade XII (A/AS Levels). While our students are thriving at coveted institutions such as MIT, Stanford, the London School of Economics, the IITs, the IIMs, NALSAR, among others; they carry with them, the CHIREC experience that teaches them to work hard, meet challenges, take ownership, be great leaders; and ever so often, to stop and smell the roses. In other words; enjoy the finer things in life. After all, there is more to a person than just being a well-established professional - be it an engineer, a doctor, a scientist, a fashion designer, an entrepreneur or an artist. Ultimately it is important that the child grows up to become a well-balanced, mature individual who can meet the challenges that life throws up at him. This is the advantage that your child achieves at CHIREC.
The faculty comprises of competent, well-qualified, experienced individuals committed to their tasks of facilitating learning. They are all well-versed with applications of technology in education and are engaged in practicing innovating teaching practices.
The Department of Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Indoor and Outdoor games have instructors having proficiency in their respective fields.

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