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                  Sow a character and reap a destiny!

         The objective of enabling "children to cherish the experience called childhood', Glendale Academy International, founded in 2003, has in a short span of seven years risen to a level of prominence. The School believes in providing enriching, empowering and exploratory experience to its students. Whether it is the aesthetically designed interiors linked to natural landscaped grounds, inventive labs or the exploratory studios, working models for better comprehension of scientific facts and phenomena, it is the endeavour of the school to provide the best facilities with the combined expertise of top-notch educationists, child psychologists and children's space specialists. The school design has not only enhanced the environment for learning but enrichment is also in the environment itself.

Ms. Anjum Babukhan wanted to provide a nurturing environment dedicated to the holistic growth and development of every facet of every child's multiple intelligences and crown their minds with ethics to evolve into socially conscious global citizens of tomorrow. Her priority being to cultivate the primary greatness of children and ensure the full flowering of their persona. MENTOR brings to you Glendale Academy- a school campus for sowing creativity that will reap dynamic minds!!

The Director-Education of Glendale Academy, Ms. Anjum Babukhan, has to her educational assets, honours in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois, USA and M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Instructional Leadership from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She wanted to provide a much relished and cherished, creative and fun-filled learning opportunities, with a difference where the children learn every day and love every minute! This thought and the knowledge that she gained through her studies has brought fruition to Glendale Academy International.

Nurturing Spaces Glendale Academy offers an environment which exposes fertile minds to mental stimulation and nimble bodies to healthy quests! Glendale Academy is nestled in a beautiful, serene, pollution free environment in its sprawling ten acre campus. The buildings have been designed with spacious classrooms providing a stupendous space for each student to learn and grow. The meticulously landscaped campus cradles facilities for a wide range of sports, extra-curricular and outdoor activities. Glendale Academy classrooms are spacious is in fact the first school in Andra Pradesh to apply for the certification of a 'Green School'.

Grooming, not just Schooling "An environment that engages, challenges and influences brain development is one that makes use of 'experiential learning' of the visual and performing art, physical exercise and games." "Our school's Life Skills programme focuses on developing practical attributes that will guide the students through various aspects of life, which will later reflect in the social and emotional intelligence of their outward demeanour. Appealing confidence, a streak of independence in day to day activities, a positive approach towards life along with impeccable etiquette are some of the many skills students here are empowered with. The school aims to instill a genuine concern for fellow human beings and a strong desire as well as the ability to make a positive impact on the Glendale Academy society", says Ms. Anjum.

Enrichment Studios: The various enrichment studios cater to - art and craft, music, yoga, drama, which are necessary for the child's overall development apart from academics, treated as an important part of the curriculum as it helps children nurture their creativity and teaches them to think out of the box. Children are taught various styles of art which broaden a child's aesthetic horizon. Satrang - the annual Art Camp is inspired by Taare Zameen Par, where students, teachers and parents unleash their creative minds through the medium of colours.

Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation 'Conscious Discipline leads to Conscious citizens' "Glendale Academy practices Conscious Discipline. Living in a democracy, it is vital that children learn responsibility alongside with freedom. We use concrete materials and day to day experiences building blocks in nurturing the values of Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation. These core values help the students not only lead a meaningful life but also thrive in the interdependent world. Conscious Discipline seeks to create critical thinking, reflective, problem-solving adults. We believe in the concept of "School Family". It is a motivational system that fosters conscious awareness of self and others. It is based on compassion rather than competition", says Ms. Anjum Babukhan.

Blueprint for Brilliance"The school imparts a blueprint for brilliance to its students with a scientifically designed curriculum and faculty trained to impart brain compatible methodology. Inspired by the concept of 'Multiple Intelligences' by Dr. Howard Gardner, We follow the most remarkable features of the theory of multiple intelligences, providing eight different potential pathways to learning".

"Each child is not unique. We believe the more ways we teach, the more children we reach". "We, at Glendale Academy have pioneered to adopt the principle of multiple intelligence and developed ways to teach and learn by engaging all the eight intelligences, thus increasing the possibilities for students' success", says Ms. Anjum.
She further says, "What we inculcate in children at Glendale Academy is the ability and confidence to make their own unique mark on the global stage. We teach Glendale Academy children to strive to go beyond 'academic excellence'--to attain knowledge - empowerment."

Teach to the future "Glendale Academy is proud of a teaching faculty, who ignites curiosity and the desire to learn rather than routinely push ideas; a methodology that turns learning into a combination of classroom study, research and scientific discovery. Assessment of every student's progress is a continuous, everyday affair and 'cram for exam' culture is out". Glendale Academy is affiliated to the CBSE and accredited with University of Cambridge International Examinations. The school is also a part of the Young Indians (Yi) which is an integral part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The motto of "We can, we will" has motivated the school to synergize and succeed in making a difference that matters.

Hence Glendale Academy continues to...
"Sow a thought and reap an action;
Sow an action and reap a habit;
Sow a habit and reap a character;
Sow a character and reap a destiny"

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