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Career planning Tips

With the tremendous progress in economy hundreds of career avenues are opening every day. So many career options are hovering around you. While selecting career option, one first needs to learn about various options available according to the qualification and interest. Today there are various opportunities are available.

However, it is important to select best possible option among all the available options. So before making any decision, it is important to become aware about lots of career options one can go for. One should select your career options according to the interest and qualification as it will give enjoyment while working. It is also important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses to open the door to various opportunities.

Along with standard career options such as MBA, software, information technology, engineering, chartered accountancy, medical, journalism, advertising, human resources and architecture, there are also other different career options which include aviation, pharmacy, biotechnology, bio-informatics, art, economy, music, physical education, sports, law, fashion designing, automotive, retail, research & development and administrative services.

Corporate Communication Professional

Corporate communication encompasses all the communication that takes place between an organization and its various stakeholders in order to project the company's brand within and beyond the organization. Corporate communication is responsible for creating and maintaining the brand and looking after the organization's reputation. Traditionally about media relations and internal communication, this field now encompasses functions such as advertising and brand building and management.

Corporate communication also deals with crisis control, but it does not wait for a crisis to occur. It works towards projecting an excellent image at all times, which helps when the chips are down. The positive image a company projects helps in moulding public opinion in its favour in times of an actual crisis. Just until a few years ago, companies communicated with their consumers via press releases, and with their employees through internal bulletins. Today however, the importance of communication has gone up manifold.

A degree or diploma in mass communication helps for a career in corporate communication. However, many professionals agree that more than the degree, it is your personal skills that matter the most. It helps to have a degree in communication, but it is not essential. What matters is being able to understand issues related to your organization, an understanding of current affairs, and an eye for any development that could affect the organization.

Sports Professional

As sport professional you have to operate as an independent sports manager or get employed as an executive in a sports management company, the role involves a multi-fold function: business development which means signing up with sportspersons, sponsors and generating revenues for the company. Client servicing, planning, strategizing and execution of events are the other two roles. Promotion and research form the final components. The basic role is to ensure maximum return on investment for the client. - Promotions include media coverage which involves articulate handling of the press. The former, having played the game, tends to adopt a protective mentor attitude as far as handling his individual client is concerned whereas an executive is often criticized for taking a clinical approach to clients, putting revenue generation ahead of players' needs. Ideally, there should be right mix of passion and business-orientation to represent the client.

Good knowledge of various sports, networking skills, innovativeness, convincing power and leadership skills are some of attributes required for this career. Certain situations warrant quick decisions. There could be a situation when promised delivery by vendors fails to happen, celebrity doesn't make timely appearance, and unexpected weather creates disruption and so on. There are multiple role-plays for a sports professional, ranging from raising professional bills to instructing the banner people on layouts to organizing extra police force for events and even taking traffic permissions.

The scope of growth for sports professionals is increasingly rising. At the entry level, salaries can be anywhere between Rs 15,000-30,000. Working independently afresh without any experience is strictly not advisable. Those interested should first acquire skills, build contacts and gain at least couple of years of experience before floating a company.

Media Professional

Media education in India has witnessed a dramatic change over the last decade, in line with the phenomenal growth of the media industry. The new, fiercely competitive media scene demands well trained professional journalists. That's why media education is no longer confined to university campuses, but is being offered by scores of private journalism colleges, some of which have been set up by big media houses themselves. There is a growing consensus that media education needs reinvention if it is to meet the demands of the rapidly transforming media scene in India. Today, several media houses have set up their own journalism schools, to counter the dissatisfaction with media education being provided by universities. The Times of India Group was the first media house to set up such a school, followed by The Indian Express. Later, Eenadu in Hyderabad, Malayala Manorama in Kottayam, The India Today Group, DainikJagran and The Pioneer in Delhi set up schools as well. These schools, like private journalism colleges, focus on skill-based training. They boast good infrastructure and their faculty is largely drawn from the industry. The student therefore stands to learn a lot more in these schools. However, the postgraduate diplomas awarded by these schools too have little worth outside the industry.

In these colleges, the focus is on practical skills. The students are first taught the craft of journalism, and then given the opportunity to put their learning into practice by working on lab newspapers, and producing audio/video bulletins. Journalists, who form the core faculty, supervise the learning process. This ensures that the students actually know how to write a news report or edit a story when they are in a real newsroom. The course duration is for a year, and the students are usually awarded post graduate diplomas.

Animation Professional

Animation, which derived its name from the Latin word 'anima' meaning soul, can be defined as the art of breathing life to a character or object. A blend of entertainment industry and technology, it is concerned with design, drawing, layout and production of graphically rich and attractive multimedia clips. In other words animation is making of movies, games or cartoons by moving the drawings or models of animals or people with the help of computers or other electronic means. Time and space play a critical role in animation.

Visual Effects through animation are among the major hunted jobs of the 21st century. Multimedia, as the name suggests, is an enormous field that uses more than one medium of communication. It merges text, images, graphics, animation, audio and video to create virtual magic. Animation is only one component of multimedia. An animator should have an artistic bent with a lot of passion and imaginative skills. Creativity is the most wanted quality as animation starts with developing an idea to a story. The art of sketching or drawing is another basic skill one should possess. He/she should have a sound understanding of anatomy of humans, animals or birds and body movements and lighting effects. An animator should have a good sense of colour, proportion, size, design, visualizations, knowledge of background art and layout. They must have expertise in computer design software. Knowledge of programming languages will be an added benefit. It is advantageous to understand photography, lighting and movement for those planning to work in computer animation. They must be able to visualise how an object will look in three dimensions and have the know-how to make an animated object look real.

A good salary is the most attractive part of this profession. Within a few years these professionals can earn excellent pay package. As a junior animator one could get between Rs.10,000-15,000 per month. With three to five years experience an animator will get Rs.25,000- 40,000. And a well-experienced animator who has a good portfolio of excellent animation work could easily get Rs.50,000-60,000 per month.

Fashion Professional

At the moment, fashion media industry is booming. It is one of the most paying and big new opportunity in India with so many fashion magazines around. This could be your calling if you take a keen interest in fashion and can write well. Recognize your interests, strengths and drawbacks before picking any one of them. It's a competitive profession. Knowing what you are good at, does help in having a good head start. There are several fields to choose from today. You could be a celebrity stylist, a fashion editor or editorial stylist, a shop window designer, a fashion consultant for commercials, an apparel or accessory designer, a merchandiser, a fashion buyer, retail expert or an entrepreneur who brings international fashion brands to India. If you choose to begin right away as an independent designer, one should know that there is a lot more about designing clothes than making models do the catwalk. Showcasing your collection isn't just about the panic backstage and getting the look of the models right. After all, the purpose of showcasing one's work is to convince the buyer. And in case, the buyer places an order of twenty thousand pale brown, knee length skirts, the designer is expected to have the factory, support and the staff to supply the order on time. This is where a fashion entrepreneur would step in. A person with the money and the support team to help a designer make sure that the order is designed, stitched, packed and delivered right on time.

Choosing a school only if it matches your interests and aptitude. NIFT is devoted completely to fashion, but not all are. SNDT specializes in textile design and development. Delineating one's strengths before one applies, is a good idea. A few schools also offer continuing education programmes, which allow you to pursue a formal certificate programme, without interrupting your work.