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Latest Events And Happenings in Trio World School

Youngest Headmaster in India

Trio World School is in the news again this week as they had a whole school essay competition this week entitled: "Why I should be Headmaster of Trio World School for the Day."

Charlie James Moran (aged 15) was announced as the winning student of competition and his prize, is to actually become Headmaster of Trio World School for one whole day!

Dr. Paul Meekin (who is the regular Headmaster!) said "Charlie will take the school assembly in the morning and have meetings with the teachers and students, coordinators, visit the classrooms, make announcements, write letters, sit in the Headmaster's chair in his office, wear a business suit and do all the normal work of the Headmaster. I hope he likes it as it's often harder than it looks!"

Charlie was delighted to be given the opportunity to become Headmaster for a day and said the he was "able to be a fair judge, give rewards, keep the school under control and would enjoy telling the teachers what to do!"

Dr. Paul said that "any rules or decisions made by Headmaster Charlie will only be valid for that single school day. I will attend Charlie's classes and be a regular student taking notes for him."

Asked if he had any plans for the day Charlie said that he planned to "make sure Pizza was served as a snack and that Dr. Paul might be called to the office if he misbehaved!"