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The day begins with the Director-Education, Ms.Anjum Babukhan, administering The Glendale Green Pledge to the entire school and the parents of Grade I.

As said by George Nakashima, a simple wood worker, 'A tree is our most intimate contact with nature'. And Vanamahostav, a festival of the forest celebrated all round India, is a one day when we all get together and appreciate the importance of that contact. Vanamahostav was initiated in 1950, by K.M.Munshi, the then Union Minister for Agriculture and Food to create awareness and enthusiasm in the people for the conservation of trees.

Here at Glendale Academy, Vanamahostav was celebrated in a big way on Friday 9th July 2010. The students and the staff were dressed in green and there was a fancy dress competition, card making for the younger children. For the seniors, there was a lot of fun and ordered chaos with salad making, poster making, collage making, Ikebana, body art and photography. Class X, the seniors planted bamboo saplings. Some students from the Radhakrishna Orphanage School visited Glendale and enjoyed themselves at a storytelling session and an art competition, escorted by the students of Grade IX. Classes VI and VIII, designated 'Nature's Good stewards', went for a cleanup walk, picking up waste in and around school. Class VII students adopted a tree each on the school campus and have vowed to look after the tree of their choice. Class XI decided to take Vanamahostav beyond the school, and stuck posters on the school buses to help and spread awareness.

It was a day none of us will forget, and well hopefully stay in our minds as a remainder of the value of nature. And although our contributions may seem small in the big world out there, it contributions like these which come together to make a difference.

Sweta P
Glendale Academy International.